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       Since 1998, after established by Mr.Yungwang Jin who majored applied fine art and interior design at South Korea, FOIN DESIGN outstanded with EASTPAK brand shop and extended to ART BOX franchise interior design.

After these  successful business , Our Design Team designed HANCOM office building  which is very well known Korean IT company.

      FOIN DESIGN has widened it's vision to Vietnam at the year of 2012. Despite this beginning stage in Vietnam, FOIN DESIGN has awarded as   interior design company for MAGIC VINA factory project. Thanks for devoted company members, many other projects has been followed since then such as SAMHO VIETNAM, K BOX, LANDMARK 81 etc..


Forming Innovation will keep going.

1. Changwon post office central office lobby & lounge design & construction

2. East pack showroom design & construction

3. East pack office design & construction

4. Sharp travel office 7-8-9-10 Floor design & construction

5. Sharp travel Inchoen international airport office construction

6. Gwangru Sonjoeng post office design & construction

7. Chonnam Mokpo post office design & construction

8. Myongdong Shinhan bank sharp travel design & construction

9. Nowon post office design & construction

10. U.S embassy sharp travel design

11. Chonbuk national post office design & construction



1 . Gimgihyeok dental clinic design

2. Yujeonghyeon dental clinic design

3. Gangcheolil & Ganggisang medical clinic design

4. Jun & Jung cosmetic surgical design & construction

5. Iseonggu dental construction ( Gimpo )


6. Healthy test centre design ( Teajoen )

7. Aju pediatrics design & construction

8. Seoul dental design



1.  Everland inside by glass design & construction

2.  Weeny Beeny candy shop ( Korea 20 places )

3.  Fancy shop ART-BOX ( Korea 100 where, foreign 5 places : USA, Kaenadak, New Zeland, Australia, Guam)

4.  The face shop design & construction

5.  Roast bean take out coffee shop design & construction

6.  La Pallette cosmetic shop ( 35places )

7.  SYSMAX Coex showroom design & construction

8.  Wedding FIGAGO design

9.  Gimpo airport design

10. Comicad ahnimae studio design

11. Elle kitchen design & construction ( Sinsadong )

12. Korea institute food department design ( Bundang )

13. Itaewon ballroom design & construction

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